Shanghai Aowei brand was founded in 2007, is a collection research and development, production, sales and service in one of the digital printing equipment manufacturers.
The core team of Aowei has twenty years of similar products at home and abroad experience, well aware of user difficulties in the process of product use, only a deep understanding of stable products, timely service, to support users to easily create value.
Ice-zone target market is a high demand for products and services industry processors; the core value is "Aowei products, stable quality, easy large single!"
We will focus on all the resources, the core value of the product integration.
In the pursuit of stability, reliability, stability and re ourway stability!
In the print quality and speed, leading the trend of pursuing ourway;
In the user-friendly design, the pursuit of unattended Aowei map;
Our goal is to make every ourway users, investment return rate is two times, the industry average of three times, or even higher!
After 8 years of hard work, products with obvious Aowei product advantage, service advantage, support the success of millions of users, to become a leader in the local market.
We established a perfect global agent system. In China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Poland, Argentina and other countries and regions, in the same China products, the Aowei brand image and sales are in a leading position.
We attach great importance to investment in research and development, already has a number of national invention, utility model patents and software copyrights.
From 2009 to 2016, because of good user reputation and steady growth in sales volume, it has only been awarded the outstanding partner of Konica Minolta China in 8 consecutive years.