KM 1016 KONICA 1024i SAE-C(6PL)

16pcs Konica Minolta 1024i industrial printing heads;

    One of the most popular print heads for industrial digital textile printing in Europe.

    Suit for big lots, continue and unstoppable industrial production.

    6pl, dot  numbers variable; high durability and high definition.

Professional textile belt carrier system;

    Be able to carry the textile fabric without tension, suit for both of the

     stretchable and un-stretchable fabric.

Support various textile dye inks, suit for different types of fabric;

    Support Reactive inks, can print on silk, cotton, linen, wool fabrics.

    Support Acid inks, can print on silk, wool fabrics.

    Support Pigment inks, can print on various fabrics without pre-treatment on fabric.

    Support Disperse inks, can print on polyester fabric.

4 or 8 colors inks available;

    Really support CMYK + 4 special colors printing, be able to get wider color gamut.

Auto belt washing & drying unit;

    Be able to keep the belt clean and dry during continue printing.

Independent fabric feeding and rewinding system;

Independent fabric drying unit;

    Be able to dry the fabric completely after printing, avoiding color blur.

Energy saving and environment friendly; no need make plate;     

    suit for industrial big lots production.


*16 pcs Konica Minolta 1024i SAE-C(6PL) Industrial Print Heads,

suitable for uninterrupted and big lot production.