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Indian Agent Authorization Statement

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ALLWIN herewith appoints M/S. NEWCLEAR TECHNOLOGIES and its Managing Director MR. AJESHKUMAR A. K., to the status of EXCLUSIVE DEALERSHIP RIGHTS in South India and Maharashtra. The dealer has the sole right to promote, sell and maintain ALLWIN Konica solvent printer and Epson eco solvent printer (except UV flatbed printer and paper transfer printer) as well as spares, printing inks etc which are manufactured by ALLWIN in compliance with our agreement (Reference no. 2011064-2). Nowadays we come to know that there are many duplicate products available in the market in the name of ALLWIN. So this is to give awareness to our valuable customers about our dealers who sell original ALLWIN products. We herewith declare that we move our products only through this dealer in specific regions of India. We appreciate customer’s trust of ALLWIN product, and please always depend on quality machines from us and don’t depend on machine cost as criteria for selection, because quality products only survive.  So believe in ORIGINALS. 
                                                           ALLWIN oversea market department