5.1M large format pro-balance UV RTR printer


High density body frame structure

The whole machine uses frame and wallboard structure, benchmark precision milling and positioning processing, the whole machine is more stable, and the printing is more accurate.

Double linear rail design

High precision assembled and adjusted for more stable carriage movement.

Import motor control system for X direction

Adpot high quality imported motor to ensure stable.

Water-cooled printing platform & adjustable suction area

Standard equipped three-channel cold water circulation to meet customer high-temperature and long-

term platform printing; AC fan is used for suction, more stronger fan power to adapt to various materials,

and through zone control meets customer's suction requirements for different picture size.

Automatic negative pressure system

Automatic control of negative pressure system to ensure long-term stable printing.

Water-cooled LED curing system

Constant temperature water-cooled LED system with compressor, maintaining the same curing performance in various working environments.

Color configuration

Flexible configuration, support single row, double row, 4 colors, 6 colors plus white, double four colors.

Additional Information

Machine Model 5M large format pro-balance UV RTR printer
Printhead ModelKONICA Atom printhead
Printhead NoOptional 8~16pcs
Resolution720×1440 dpi


Sketch mode

120m2 /h
Production mode90m2 /h
High-precision mode60m2 /h
Maximum printing width5.1m
Maximum media thickness1.5mm
Applicable media

Soft film, knife scraping cloth, car sticker, banner, lamp film and other various coils

Ink typeSoft UV ink
Ink colorC、M、Y、K、LM、LC、W
Machine size(L*W*H) 7714MM*1576MM*1795MM
Machine NW2100KG
Machine GW2500KG
Electricity 230VAC.50HZ L/N/PE
UV Curing methodLED灯
Data transmission methodHigh-speed USB3.0 transmission
Environmental requirementsIndependent, clean, low-light, well-ventilated workplace
Environmental temperature:18℃~30℃(64℉~86℉)
Relative humidity: 30%~70% (no condensation)

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