E320 UV Pro Blanace Rubber Roller Printer


Easy Two feeding/collecting structures

Stable Imported spareparts

Rubber roller Media feeding system

Professional Water cooling platform

1. It can print whole roll media in one shot. Each material potion is close to the platform surface to ensure every ink drop be right on the accurate position and guarantee perfect image quality. especially for back-lit printing;

2. The E320UV system will also handle soft film materials as thin as 0.18mm without any wrinkle or deformation on the prints. Other UV printers with traditional 4 rollers system only allow up to 0.22mm thick media and still commonly have issues with media wringkles. This E320UV system ensure all high printing quality on all type of soft or hard backlit film media in this system;

3. Our latest design with the water cooling platform ensure consistent condition to prevent stretch and wringkels, as well as ensure no deformation on heat sensitive media.


UV balance rubber roller printerInvention patent201811139075.2
UV balance rubber roller machine media moving movement systemUtility model 201821590209.8
water cooling and fan sucking system for UV printer platformUtility model 201821590210.0

Additional Information

Machine Model E320UV Balance Rubber UV RTR printer
Printhead model KONICA Atom printhead
Printhead NoOptional 4~14pcs
Resolution 720*1440DPI
Maximum printing width3.2M
Maximum media thickness2mm
Applicable media

Soft film, knife scraping cloth, car sticker, banner, lamp film and other various coils

Ink typeSoft UV ink
Ink colorCMYK W
Machine size(L*W*H) 5750 (L)*1470 (W)*1660(H)mm

Printing system power: 6050W,

Maximum total power:10000W (water cooler)

Machine NW2450KGS
Machine GW2550KGS
UV Curing methodLED lamp


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