3.2 Pinch roller UV Printer


1. Optimized design of the unwinding structure to meet the printing needs of various materials of external light, internal light and soft film;

2. Compared with the four rubber roller machine, the media loading and unloading is convenient and flexible, reducing the operator workload of changing the material frequently, reducing the tailings. Less material scrap, and reduce production costs;

3. The whole machine cost is low, which is convenient for customers to quickly receive various small orders for production;

4. External computer support, saving installation space;

5 .Densely pinch roller arrangement;

6. Cooperate with professional feeding system to ensure the accuracy of stepping.

Additional Information

Machine Model 3.2M Pinch roller UV Machine
Printhead model KONICA 1024i,6pl
Printhead control Software adjust printhead temperature and voltage
Printhead configuration CMYK+W/ CMYK+LCLM
Maximum printing width3.2M
Maximum printing Resolution2160 DPI
Maximum printing Speed

65m2/h (3 PASS)

Ink typeUV ink
Color configurationCMYK+W or CMYK+LCLM (Optional)
Ink supply methodVacuum negative pressure automatic continuous ink supply
Drying deviceUV LED Curing
Package size5000mm(L)*1050mm(W)*1630mm(H)
Machine size4840mm(L)*1320mm(W)*1560mm(H)
Machine GW1135 KGS
Machine Voltage220 V
RIP softwarePrint factory/Photoprint/Caldera

SpeedProduction modeHigh-precision mode


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