KONICA UV Flatbed Printer


Positioning pin on platform high precision and efficiency for media loading

High power LED curing lamp improve the ink curing

Hard oxidizing printing platform anti-scratching

1500W platform sucking fan suitable for all kinds of thickness media printing

Anti-static electricity equipment more accurate ink-drop jetting

Imported parts more stable printer performance


Additional Information

Model name

Printing size2.5M×1.3M3.2M×2.5M
Printhead brandKONICA
Printing resolution1440dpi
Ink type

Adopting environmentally-friendly, colorful, outdoor weather-resistant UV inks

Color managementInternational standard ICC color control, adjustable curve and density
File formatTIF、JPG、PTF、AI

Carriage anti-crash system

Anti-crash device is installed on both sides of carriage to protect the safety of printhead during printing

Platform sucking fan

The hard oxidizing suction platform can keep new as long as the materialand the knife scraps; 

1500 watts strong suctionwind effectively keepsmaterial positioning

Noise muting deviceInstall a noise muting device to reduce the noise generated by fan operation
Locating pin deviceQuick positioning of large board to save working time
Median thickness≤10CM
Max media weight50kg/m2
Machine weightAround 2200KGS
UV lamp systemDouble LED energy-saving UV lamp, media is not easy to deform when printing

Relative humidity is recommended to be higher than 40%,

effective control of static electricity to ensure print quality

Max power8000w
VoltageInput voltage:220V
Machine dimension

2513:4300(L)x 2050(W)x 1400(H)mm

3225:5400(L)x 2500(W)x 1400(H)mm

Package dimension

2513:4400(L)x 2360(W)x 1750(H)mm

3225:5500(L)x 2200(W)x 1800(H)mm

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