What products and services can better support your career growth

Jun 21, 2021

The increase in national environmental protection and taxation requirements, rent costs, and labor costs have all been added to the enterprise mercilessly, but any difficulties or crises are a process of survival of the fittest and elimination of the unfit, as provided below Several ideas for reference:

1. Focus on core categories and provide target customers with products that create greater value or unique experience, in order to obtain reasonable profits and sales;

2. Improve internal management level, improve incentive methods, improve operational efficiency, and achieve a win-win situation for the company and employees;

3. Rethink the profit model. When others go east, I go west. Changing the direction is the first.

As a manufacturing company that provides production tools, Aowei, in view of the current environment, our response strategy is:

1. Listen carefully to the voices of users and make the products more stable, so that customer orders can be completed with high quality as scheduled;

2. Improve service standards and procedures, and further increase the user's equipment utilization rate;

3. The factory's technical training for agents has been increased from 1-2 times to 3-4 times a year to improve the on-site problem-solving ability of the agent's technicians. Improve the ability to do ICC, and print out better screen colors when using different materials for different users;

4. Use high-speed machines as the main model to increase the production capacity of single machines, improve user operation efficiency, and improve user profitability.