What is the difference between UV inkjet printer and ordinary inkjet printer

Jun 21, 2021

Ordinary inkjet printers mainly inkjet cloth, single-hole through this kind of roll material, can inkjet acrylic, glass and other plates. Ordinary inkjet printers are also traditional photo printers. Most of them use commercial-grade Epson print heads to print pictures finely, but they cannot be produced in large quantities for a long time, and they use different inks.

UV inkjet printer uses UV ink. The principle is different: the UV flat-panel printer uses the principle of light-fixed telephone. UV curable ink is a relatively new product. It is cured by cross-linking the ink components through ultraviolet light. It is basically free of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), and is suitable for a variety of substrates, and has a larger development space. Nowadays, the inkjet printers used in the market are generally 3.2 meters or 5 meters, and they are mainly used in the advertising industry for large outdoor advertising. Initially, the inkjet printers used in China were imported, with high precision and high prices. With the development of the domestic inkjet industry, nowadays, except for the main core components which are imported (such as nozzles), the rest of the components have basically been localized.

UV flatbed inkjet printer is the perfect combination of UV curing ink and digital inkjet printing technology, and its appearance has been widely recognized by customers. UV flatbed inkjet printers can perform color inkjet on the surface of a variety of materials, which is the development trend of digital inkjet printing technology. Using this technology, you can spray whatever you want, with fast speed and high precision; it not only has ordinary advantages, but also realizes a multi-purpose machine. In contrast between the two, the latter is better than the former in the printing range and printing effect. , Are much higher.